Building a culture of inclusion and diversity in the Physics Division.

Physics Division IDEA Committee

The goal of the physics division Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountability (IDEA) committee is to raise awareness of IDEA issues by sharing people’s experiences on IDEA topics, promote IDEA activities, collect and distribute IDEA resources, and beyond.

We welcome input from all of you on topics such as:
– What IDEA activities can we host at the physics division?
– What IDEA training would you like to learn more about?
– What IDEA resources will be helpful at your workplace? etc.
You are welcome to come to our monthly meetings to share your thoughts! Meetings and activities are open to everybody.


Upcoming Events:

  • Next IDEA Committee meeting (open to all Physics Division members) : February 1, 2024, Thursday 2pm – 3pm: Meeting ID: 908 503 8876 

Guidance for PIER statements (please comment to

DOE RENEW program — help needed:

The LBL physics division is part of the GROWTH-MSI program, which is funded under the DOE RENEW program and aims to bring historically underrepresented groups in contact with research career tracks in by means of paid summer internships. GROWTH-MSI is a consortium of 5 R1 institutions and 7 minority serving institutions (MSI) in Northern California and aims to provide high quality research and academic mentoring to its participating students. We are currently looking for project proposals and potential mentors for students for the Summer 2024 term. Please contact for more information.  See following slides for additional information about RENEW  (Slides).

Useful Links:

Hiring Process Resources:

Past Events:

Internship Programs, DOE-FAIR, Quarknet 2023, etc.

Current Committee Members:

  • Itay Bloch
  • Timon Heim
  • Cheng-Ju Lin
  • Simon Knapen (Chair)
  • Ingrid Peterson
  • Kevin Wood