Building a culture of inclusion and diversity in the Physics Division.

Physics Division IDEA Committee

The goal of the physics division Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountability (IDEA) committee is to raise awareness of IDEA issues by sharing people’s experiences on IDEA topics, promote IDEA activities, collect and distribute IDEA resources, and beyond.

We welcome input from all of you on topics such as:
– What IDEA activities can we host at the physics division?
– What IDEA training would you like to learn more about?
– What IDEA resources will be helpful at your workplace? etc.
You are welcome to come to our monthly meetings to share your thoughts! Meetings and activities are open to everybody.


Upcoming Events:

Useful Links:

Hiring Process Resources:

Past Events:

Current Committee Members:

  • Simon Knapen
  • Ingrid Peterson
  • Aritoki Suzuki (Chair)
  • Piotr Zyla