Data Management

New DOE Office of Science (SC) Requirements for Data Management Plans (DMPs) in Research Proposals to Submitted to DOE SC High Energy Physics (HEP) Program.

The New Office of Science Digital Data Statement prescribes requirements that have to be followed by applicants submitting Research Proposals:

The Office of High Energy Physics (HEP) has provided some additional guidance to facilitate development of DMPs for research proposals submitted to HEP:

We list and provide links below to the HEP Experiments where LBNL is the Lead Lab. If you are part of a large Experiment led by LBNL and the Data Management Plan is linked below, it is suggested that the elements of your proposal’s DMP could be:

This research proposal is part of an ongoing [multi- institutional/ multi-national/ multi – agency] collaboration and details can be viewed at [LINK.]The DMP of the Collaboration/ Experiment will be followed for the proposed research work.

List of Experiments and links for Experiment led by LBNL and POCs for the experiments follow: