Physics Computing Support

The Physics Division has in-house IT support provided by Jeff Anderson and Bryan Abshier

Jeffrey Anderson

(510) 486-4208

Bryan Abshier

(510) 486-7569

Some IT support issues will require you to call the lab help desk (x4357), but for a wide variety of issues Jeff and Bryan should be the first line of inquiry.  Here is a partial list of the issues they can help you with:

  • Advice and assistance purchasing computers or software
  • Troubleshooting and repairing computers or software
  • Understanding the lab computer network, getting on wifi, conforming to cyber security requirements
  • Accessing lab printers
  • Retiring and excessing obsolete computer equipment
  • Setting up and accessing personal webpages, group webpages, collaboration tools, computation servers, etc
  • Serving as a go between for Physics personnel and NERSC

In addition we provide ongoing administration and support for many computing resources used by many different groups in the Physics Division.

  • We maintain webservers and svn/git repositories for researchers of many different groups.
  • We maintain high performance computing clusters for Cosmology and for the Theory Group
  • We administer the servers for the Particle Data Group
  • We administer the servers for DESI, providing svn, mailing lists and web sites.
  • We maintain the onsite computing for the ATLAS group
  • We maintain a backup system for data on the servers we maintain
  • We can serve as a primary intermediary between cyber security and scientific staff
  • We actively work on tracking computing assets to conform with the lab’s inventory and property tracking requirements.