Event Gallery


September 7 Physics Division All Hands Meeting & BBQ
QuarkNet Workshop
June 2 Physics Division All Hands Meeting & Ice Cream Social
April 12-13 Director’s Review of the Physics Division
Berkeley Lab Particle Physics & Cosmology Open House


QuarkNet Workshop 2016


36th Meeting of the US-PRC Joint Committee on High Energy Physics
  • ALS Tour
  • Banquet Dinner
  • BELLA Tour
  • Meeting and Signing
  • QuarkNet Workshop 2015


    Physics Holiday Party
    QuarkNet Workshop 2014
    2014 SNFactory Collaboration Mtg
    May 2-3 The Art of Experiment – A Symposium to Celebrate Forty Years of Advances, 1974-2014, Honoring David Nygren


    September 25 Reception for Carl Haber in Honor of winning the MacArthur Genius Fellow Award
    September 20 Physics All-Hands Mtg. and Ice Cream Social
    August David Nygren Award Celebration & Michele Papucci Farewell
    June 14 Physics Ice Cream Social
    February 5 Dave Jackson Farewell


    December Physics Holiday Party & Cathy Thompson Retirement
    June 21 DOE Site Visit