Property Management

Physics Division Computer Equipment Policy

LBL-purchased computers are assigned a property number at the time of purchase.
These computers have a sticker displaying this property number along with a barcode and the words “LBLDOE U.S. GOVT. PROP”

Every controlled item is assigned an official LBL custodian. If you are the custodian of a computer, laptop, tablet or other controlled item, you have certain responsibilities, which include:

    1. The custodian/user must install BigFix and Crowdstrike from (these are only available for Windows and MacOS)
    2. Register the item in the Physics Division Property Registry
    3. Be aware of the location of the item and the principal user (if it is not you), and present it for the annual inventory when requested. If the item changes location or user, record this change in the Physics Division Property Registry
    4. Return the item to your supervisor when your term of employment ends.
    5. Controlled items cannot simply be discarded or transferred. If an item has reached its end of life, you should contact your group Administrative Assistant to ensure that the item is properly retired.
    6. Laptops and other portable items can be taken offsite (list the location as “Travel” in the Physics Division Property Registry).


Further details about the lab’s property management protocols can be found here.

For any questions regarding these policies, contact Jeffrey Anderson or Bryan Abshier