Physics Division Site Access

Guidelines for Physics Division Staff for access to the LBL main site

Updated December 15, 2021

(See note below for December 2021 Winter Holiday Break)

At present, access to the laboratory site is limited. The current status of the laboratory and general information for coming on site is available on the lab’s COVID-19 information page. The overriding goal of the return-to-work planning is the safety of all personnel. All personnel accessing the site need to follow the safety and approval procedures that have been developed.

The basic requirements for LNBL Staff and Affiliates to access the LBL main site are:


Requirements specific to the Physics Division are below.

For normal weekday access, priority is given to staff working on projects that require access to laboratory equipment, but a small number of people working in single-person offices can be accommodated.

The procedure to request access is as follows:

For weekday access, contact your group or activity lead who will check availability on a Physics Division Site Access google sheet and reserve a slot for you. They will then send you an invitation on a special site access Google Calendar. This calendar invitation serves as your authorization to come on site. You will need to accept this invitation and follow the guidelines in the body of the invitation.

As described on the COVID-19 information page the general requirements for coming on site are:

  • Obtain approval from your supervisor via calendar invitation described above.
  • Take the LBL 0012 training
  • Take the Health Symptoms Check (You need to retake this every week – the status resets every Sunday at 12:00 am. Take this on Sunday or later for the work week ahead.)
  • You must be on WPC activity PH0074. Contact Ingrid Peterson <> to be added if you are not already on it.
  • Take the LBL 0014 training (required for PH0074 and for site access)

For access on weekends and holidays, including the December 2021 Winter Holiday Break, the procedure is as follows.

There is much more information on the lab’s COVID-19 information page which is updated frequently. Please review that page before coming on site.