Chamberlain Fellow Search Guidelines

Chamberlain Fellow Search Guidelines

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Last reviewed: June 16 2012

This document describes additional guidelines pertaining only to searches for Chamberlain fellows. All guidelines described in the document “Physics Division Scientific Position Search Guidelines for Career and Career Track positions” must be followed, with the exception that for Chamberlain appointments no vote of the Division staff is required

Availability of funding

The search committee shall determine which research groups have funding for a Chamberlain Fellow.

Search committee

The search committee shall have at least one senior staff member from each research group with available funding.

Position description and advertisement

The advertisement shall state that the PhD date of any applicant must be no earlier than 2 years before the anticipated hire date. It shall furthermore state a set research allowance determined by the division director. Finally, it should shall clearly state that a successful applicant can choose a research group, subject to funding availability.

Search and interview schedule

Before the beginning of the search, dates for the Chamberlain interviews shall be fixed, and RPM slots reserved. The deadline of applications shall be no later than the end of the second full week of October. The last interview shall be no later than the first week of December, and offers shall be made before the Christmas break.

Determination of short list

The search committee shall solicit the advice of the research groups with available funding to ensure that no top candidates are missing from the short list.

Completion of checklist

The checklist attached to this policy must be completed and provided to the PDSC and the division director upon finalizing the search. If some items have not been fulfilled, a written explanation must accompany the report.

Checklist for Chamberlain searches:

  • Research groups with available funding identified
  • Approval for position description and advertisement from PDSC and HR
  • Position widely advertised
  • Short list approved by PDSC
  • At least two members of the search committee interviewed every one of the short list candidates
  • Search committee report approved by PDSC