Physics Division Committees

Physics Planning Panel (P3)
Kam-Biu Luk Dave Brown
Maurice Garcia-Sciveres Saul Perlmutter
Ian Hinchliffe David Schlegel
Christian Bauer Tony Spadafora
Kevin Lesko Bob Cahn
Kevin Einsweiler Juerg Beringer
Division Safety Committee
Natalie Roe Tony Spadafora
Carl Haber Ingrid Peterson (chair)
Ken Wilson Joe Wallig
Peter Sorensen Steve Dardin
Staff Committee (PDSC)
Juerg Beringer David Schlegel
Kevin Einsweiler Dave Brown (chair)
RPM Committee
Dean Robinson Stephen Bailey
Heather Gray (chair)
INPA Seminar Committee
Brooke Russell Zara Bagdasarian (NSD)
Shilo Xia
Division Awards Committee
Michael Barnett (chair) Herb Steiner
Ian Hinchliffe Carolyn Charles
Bob Cahn Carl Haber
Lab Committee Representatives
Lab Staff Committee Dave Brown
Lab-wide Professional Awards Committee Michael Barnett
Lab Safety Advisory Committee Carl Haber
Computer Protection (CPIC) Jeff Anderson
Diversity and Inclusion Council Alex Kim
WSEC Committee Sandra Ciocio
Physical Sciences Work Life Committee Representatives Wei-Ming Yao and Deborah Smith
IDEA Committee
Sandra Ciocio Alex Kim
Deborah Smith

(Updated 10/21/20)