Events hosted at LBNL

Date Event
May 2019 ITk TDAQ workshop
Jan 2019 Tracking workshop for HEP
Dec 2018 NorCal HEP-EXchange
Dec 2018 US ATLAS Hadronic Final State Forum
Jul 2018 New ideas in detecting long-lived particles at the LHC
Dec 2017 Machine learning for jet physics
Apr 2016 Triggering on Long-Lived particles
Nov 2016 LHC Users Organization Meeting at LBNL
Nov 2015 ATLAS Software TIM Meeting
March 2015 LHC Run 2 Performance Kick-Start Meeting at LBNL
Feb 2015 Connecting the Dots 2015
July 2014 ATLAS xAOD Analysis Tutorial at LBNL
Jan 2014 US ATLAS Workshop on LHC Searches at LBNL
Nov 2013 US ATLAS Tracking Workshop
Sept 2013 ATLAS Phase 2 Tracker Mechanics Workshop 2013
June 2013 ATLAS Boot Camp at LBNL Analysis Support Center
Oct 2012 LBNL Higgs Jamboree
Sept 2012 ATLAS Phase 2 Tracker Mechanics Workshop 2012
Oct 2011 LBNL Higgs Jamboree
Oct 2011 Workshop on Searches for Supersymmetry at the LHC
Sept 2011 ATLAS Phase 2 Tracker Mechanics Workshop 2011
Nov 2010 LBNL ATLAS Analysis Jamboree
Nov 2009 LBNL ATLAS Analysis Jamboree
April 2009 LBNL Analysis Jamboree
July 2007 ATLAS Analysis Jamboree
April 2007 ATLAS Tracking Jamboree
Oct 2006 ATLAS Physics Analysis Jamboree (Workshop)
Jan 2006 No. Am. ATLAS Beyond the Standard Model Workshop