Quantum Sensors for Dark Matter Detection


Photo of prototype athermal phonon on thick silicon wafer. Achieved 3.9eV energy resolution over a 45 sq. cm. area.
Small volume R&D TES structures. With 40mK transition temperature and .04 sq. mm. area an energy resolution of 40meV has been achieved
Apparatus built for nuclear recoil light yield measurements in superfluid helium
Measuring the decay times of the four main scintillation emission bands of cryogenic GaAs (all in IR)


We will measure the fine-structure constant α at 10-11 precision, a 20X improvement over the current best, our previous measurement, based on the recoil frequency of a cesium atom. High-fidelity manipulation of external quantum states in large-diameter, deep and ultra-homogeneous optical lattices is key and will benefit quantum technology broadly. Based on α, precise theory-experiment comparison of the electron’s magnetic moment will be sensitive to physics beyond the standard model, complementing collider searches