Visitor Safety Briefing

General Information

The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is a DOE Facility. All visitors are expected to behave in a safe manner with respect for the safety culture.

  • Stay off roofs
  • No recreational drugs or alcohol are allowed here
  • Tell your host if you suffer an injury
  • Call 911 from a lab phone in an emergency

Traffic Safety

  • Speed limit is 25 mph unless posted lower
  • Follow traffic, parking and pedestrian signs and markings
  • Obey all security, construction workers and police officers
  • Bicyclists must wear helmets and obey traffic rules and signs
  • The lab is patrolled by the California State Highway Patrol

Pedestrian Safety

  • Stay on the sidewalk
  • Cross at crosswalks
  • Do not attempt to touch any wild animals onsite

Smoking Policy

For those who choose to smoke, the lab has provided ashcans at a few outdoor places throughout the site. Smoking is only permitted at these places.

Earthquake Response

  • Drop down on the floor.
  • Cover under a sturdy desk, table or other furniture.
  • Hold onto it and be prepared to move with the furniture.
  • Evacuate to assembly area (usually in parking lot). Take
    personal items.
  • Follow Directions from the Building Emergency Team


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