Retiree Space Policy

Retiree Space Policy

Policy Summary: It is the goal of this policy to provide guidance for management of space for retirees in the Physics Division.

For the purpose of this policy, the retiree designation will be broken into 2 categories.

  • Rehired Retirees
  • Guest retirees (affiliates)
  • Rehired Retirees: This is a paid position within the division valid for 2 years. Because this is essentially an employee class position, office space may be provided at the discretion of the group leader.

    Guest retirees: Per LBNL space policy, Divisions are given 10% of their space allotment to accommodate all of their guests, including retirees. It is expected that non-rehired retirees share office space. The shared office may have one shared lab phone. Document storage space should be kept to a minimum (2 tote boxes) to encourage digitization of documents or archiving with the Archives and Records Office. Retirees who are only occasionally present may be provided “hotel” space with a desk and chair that is shared by other occasional guests, while retirees who are present on a daily basis may be provided with their own desk and chair in a shared office configuration.

    Current retirees should be transitioned to this new policy as office changes occur, at the request of their group leader, or on a voluntary basis; whichever comes first.

    New retirees: When an employee announces their retirement they should be placed into one of the above categories by the supervisor in charge of the employee and the appropriate policy should be explained to the retiring staff member. Retirees should be given a deadline of no more than 1 month from the effective date of retirement to be ready to relocate into space defined by their category. The Archives and Records office should be brought in and all appropriate documents should be reviewed for archiving.